1. KITTEN…crawlers…waaaatch iiiittt



  3. You need to check my buddy out. Some you may recognize. ;)

    (Source: harlancrichton)


  4. Relics: The feminine side


  5. Relics: Swarm series


  6. linear-thoughts said: is that a reference to schfifty five? because i watched that for the first time in about 10 years just last week

    Holy crap. Somebody actually got the reference. I’ve been using it since the days of ebaumsworld, and you are the first to call it.

    I sincerely wish I had something to give you. Like a gift certificate for a high-five or something. I have lived linear-thoughts. I. Have. Lived.


  7. ooh miley.


  8. Relics

    Some of the oldies. From the long long ago. When I went by another name.